Qt 5.10.0, can't compile to Android, arm-linux-android-elf-32bit

  • I've used 5.9 without problems. Android and Windows programs works well. After update to 5.10.0, I had problems with MSVC compiled programs, so I've uninstalled it and deleted all directories with Qt references and installed a clean 5.10.0. The MSVC problems disappears, but I can't compile Android projects, because has a configuration error:

    "No compiler can produce code for this Qt version. Please define one or more compilers for: arm-linux-android-elf-32bit"


    Qt is installed on Windows 10 and the Android NDK is installed on D:\Android\android-ndk-r10e. Exists the environment variable ANDROID_NDK_ROOT=D:\Android\android-ndk-r10e

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    Did you check the Compilers panel to see if your Android compilers were listed ?

  • Hi,

    no appears


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    What does the Android tab in the Devices panel tells you ?

  • It doesn't found anything


    After configure Android SDK location and Android NDK location, it configures correctly Kits, Compilers, ...

    Thank you very much.

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