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Qt5.6: added new keyboard plugin

  • Hello!
    I build Qt 5.6.2 for Hisilicon hi3798mv100 SoC and application should get commands from infra-red remote control unit (RCU).
    Early we are use Qt-4.7.3 and I implement keyboard plugin for RCU, now I should port it to Qt5.
    At this moment I make simple variant - add code to src/platformsupport/input/evdevkeyboard/, but this code contained many ifdef blocks.
    What way is more correct for Qt5, how can I implement new keyboard type in Qt5?
    How can I load this plugin at application start?
    Thank you and excuse my bad english.

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    From the looks of it you should rather implement your own input plugin and then add an entry in the generic folder to. Then you can set the QT_QPA_GENERIC_PLUGINS to load your newly created plugin.

    Hope it helps.

  • @SGaist thank you for your reply!
    Unfortunately I not see answer on major question - how should I implement input plugin?

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    You can take a look at the QLibInputKeyboard class to get started.

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