Problems with Qt 5.10 and Asus tinkerboard SBC.

  • Hi all, I hope someone can help.

    I'm currently in the middle of process of trying to get Qt 5.10 compiling and working on Asus Tinkerboard SBC. Trying to compile natively on ASUS. Nice little piece of hardware, but I'm having a few issues:

    1. Ghostly cursors on my QML app, two cursor and you never know which one is the real one. The real one usually is the barely visible flickering mouse icon. It flickers only when the mouse moves and is not always visible.
    2. Text items' text content is not visible.
    3. Point 2 does not apply when I "access" the app via WebGL plugin, which by the way is really slow and sluggish even on my LAN.

    No complaints though! Qt 5.10 is the way forward.

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    Not a direct answer but did you already saw this blog post about the tinkerboard ?

  • Yup, this is quite a useful post, I have seen it just after it was posted on the blog. Made a small number of adjustments, built qt with tests and examples. When I mentioned app behaves more correctly when used via WebGL streaming I forgot to mention It renders more correctly but the app itself is extremely slow then, to the point of being unusable. Thanks for mentioning that blog post.

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