Deploy wiringpi libraries while cross compiling

  • Has anyone had any luck deploying wiringpi or similar libaries during cross compiling to a rpi3?

    I've been doing some experimentation (successfully) with controlling the GPIO pins using direct register access by just defining a new "mmapGpio" class using modified code from here:

    I am deploying this on a lightweight embedded linux image on rpi3 that does not have the wiringpi libraries installed. This approach is working fine, but where I am running into problems is when I try to incorporate additional features such as interrupts and integrating analog i/o cards. This is where I need to use the wiringpi or similar libraries.

    Do I need to build or find an embedded linux image that includes the wiringpi libraries. Or is there any other way to accomplish this or deploy the libraries during cross compile?

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    Cross-compilation and deployment are two different things.

    The best thing is usually get the library with the distribution/image whatever you use for your target as it’s ready to use.

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