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USB serial port with Android

  • I have a Qt Quick app that uses QSerialPort to talk to a USB CDC device. I'd like to run this app on Android, but my understanding is that QSerialPort is not supported on non-rooted Android devices (and it does not function on the Android devices I've tried).

    Is there any other solution for USB access in Qt 5.9.2? I've looked at libusb, but its support on Android requires initialization via the Java APIs.

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    @kuzulis can you take a look please ?

  • As I know, it is possible to use only the JAVA code, e.g. to use the USB in OTG mode. As I remenber, a long ago, was provided a patch with this feature: but, was not merged by some reasons. So, you can look there and take a JAVA code.

    PS: AFAIK nobody tested that patch (I'm not tested exactly). :)

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