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How to debug on a embedded system with native compiled QT with EGLFS and no X11 ?

  • I have compiled QT5.8 with EGLFS on raspberry pi2 with raspbian stretch .

    My QT application that i programmed works properly in Windows 10 and Ubuntu 17.4
    On my Raspberry Pi i get however a segmentation fault error .
    In my program i have a page loader which loads some QML's .
    The error seems to occur only if i load a QML which includes QtGraphicalEffects 1.0 ( Qtgraphical effects 1.0 is installedon the pi)
    Now my question would be how can i use the debugger for my project in command line ( since linux is installed without X11 due to EGLFS and QT is Native compiled ). I tried to google for it but could not find the correct commandline commands to debug my code on the system.

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    @Markus-Ippy If you want to use gdb on the target device then see:

  • @jsulm

    Thank you i have set up gdb now on my raspberry pi image , i am just unsure how to proceed now .

    currently i build my release in a shadow directory like this

    cd /myinstallfolder
    qmake /pathtomysource/

    What parameters do i have to pass to qmake to make a debug build in commandline and see the debug out ?

    Would this be correct ?
    qmake -debug /pathtomysource/

    Sorry for the noob question , but i have only worked with qtcreator and there its really simple to debug code .

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    qmake CONFIG+=debug ...

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