xcode and iPad as target device

  • I have upgrade my mac mini to the latest version of Mac OS X, xcode, build tools and more.

    Having got a valid licence as ios developer up to 2018, now I haven't got my ipad as tager device in xcode, so I can't build my app with QtCreator.

    I have my iPad in xcode -> Window -> Device and simulators.
    What can I do to have my iPad as target device?

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    Did you connect your device with Xcode running after you updated everything ?

  • @mrdebug your phone and your pad must be valid Devices in your developer account. Did you do that as well?

  • Yes it is. My developer account ends the next year and my iPad is correctly listed as developer device. I used it the last time in august.
    Maybe the problem is that my iPad is 4th generation and now it is obsoleted?

    It is very incredible how much time is required and how many problem can derived by a Mac for upgrades.

  • I'm developing fine with a 2nd generation ipad as target (still using xcode8 and Qt5.7). The only "obsolescence" thing I've noticed recently is that it won't upgrade to iOS11 like a newer device has.

    I did used to get problems that xcode sometimes just wouldn't "see" a connected iPad... it wasn't that uncommon to have to quit xcode and restart it, or even restart the whole machine before xcode would list attached ipads along with the usual emulator options as targets. Not seen the issue recently though.

    Also I have a vague memory there's something in xcode to allow importing developer profiles from another machine... xcode->preferences->accounts and down the bottom left the little "gearwheel" has import/export developer accounts. Don't know if using it would bring over some information from the old machine that might have been missed otherwise? (Related, I've also seen problems with various certificates/signing keys getting shared around between developers but if you're not careful to share the private part of of a key-pair too you can end up with it being useless... not impossible there's something in your keyring on the old machine needed).

  • Are you able to upload to Apple store an app builded with a so old version of xcode?
    My iPad model is A1460 with iOS 10.3.3 and seems that Apple has decided to make it out of date.
    Very very bad! My iPad is similar to a new one, it can be out of office not more than 3 times in its life!

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