Remote debugging with QtCreator

  • I have established a ssh connection between target device and my Desktop PC Ubuntu 14.04.
    I have the debug binaries flashed on to the target .

    I have started gdbserver in my target device with port 2345 for my executable.
    To start remote debugging in Qt creator I give
    Debug->STart Debugging->Attach to running debug server

    I get the below error on starting the debug

    Debugging starts
    Could not load shared library symbols for
    Do you need "set solib-search-path" or "set sysroot"?Debugging has finished

    Gdbserver version in target:
    GNU gdbserver (crosstool-NG 1.21.0) 7.10

    Desktop details:
    Ubuntu 14.04
    Qtcreator version 4.0.1
    Qt 5.6.1

    Configuration in Qtcreator for gdb:
    Additional attach commands ( gdb of Qtcreator)
    set solib-search-path /home/XXX/xxx/xxx_GEN/xxx/generated/staging/xxxx86make/usr/lib/:/home/XXX/xxx/xxx_GEN/xxx/generated/bin/xxxx86make/debug/
    set handle SIG32 noprint nostop
    set handle SIG64 noprint nostop
    set detach-on-fork on

    Sysroot path is set in Build & Run configuration of Qtcreator.

    I find linux-gate library is a dynamic virtual lib that is embedded as part of the binary. Any idea why this is not loading ?

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    @Veepee said in Remote debugging with QtCreator:

    it can depend on other libraries.
    What does "ldd" say?

  • I cannot give ldd because linux-gate is a virtual dynamic lib and does not exist in the system


    ldd: ./ No such file or directory

  • This looks to be an issue with gdb 7.7.1
    The issue gets resolved when I upgrade to 7.8 or later.

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    @Veepee Regarding your use of the ldd - you need to pass the whole path to the library so it can actually find it...

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