Device is not able to create processes. When trying to build for android.

  • Hey Guys, I'm quite new to QT and wanna use it to program android apps. So what I did today and the major part of yesterday, was figuring out how to set up QT to build for android.

    I didn't get very far yet. When I try to run any of the example projects provided, it seems to build cleanly, but says:


    I'm running Gnome, with A. SDK 25.2.5 and NDK r11c set up like this:


    and this

    btw: when I press run I have to choose an executable every time (always choosing qmake form the v-play folder)

    I'm not quite sure what to do about it, since none of my tries to find anyone with the same problem had a result.

    I'd appreciate any help ;)


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    @PDT420 To me your configuration looks wrong: you're using your host PC compiler for x86 instead of the compiler provided by the Android NDK. Also this Qt V-Play: is it for Android? Is it for ARM or x86?

  • what would the right config look like ? As I said I'm quite new to this, and obviously am failing to configure it right :')

    Which is the right compiler to use, and where do I find it ?

    How to check if I'm using ARM or x86 ? I mean I can configure it for android so i guessed it was for android ....

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    @PDT420 Please take a look at documentation:
    Whether Qt you're using is x86 or ARM - that you should know. You need to install Qt for Android. If you target a real device then install Qt for Android ARMv7, for emulator you can use x86.

  • As I said I did try everything and ofc had a look at the doc, but my config is done exactly like explained there, which is to be seen in the pics i posted above. I am using x86, @ least thats what the info under help says. And I AM trying to build for the emulator, so I'm not sure why it should not work. And why the doc isn't rly helping since they only explain how to connect an android device.

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    @PDT420 Which exact Qt version did you install and how?
    "I AM trying to build for the emulator" - x86 or ARM? I'm asking because both is possible.
    Are you using this V-Play project which is often advertised here? If so then you should maybe ask them.

  • I am not I downloaded the official version and installed it. And after about 2 hours ago I did the second complete reinstall, set it up exactly like before and its working like a charm now ! for both x86 and ARM, I still don't know what the problem was, but since its wrking fine now, I really don't wanna think about it any longer :') Thanks for your patient help, I'm really glad you took it upon yourself ;)


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