Cannot develop for Android as Enterprise

  • I have a Qt Enterprise account through my company, as we need to develop for embedded Raspberry Pi. However, we are also developing an app for Android. Three of us wasted four hours this morning trying to get Android working. In the end, the problem is that we did not check the option in the Qt online installer or Maintenance Tool to install Qt for Android...because Android options do not exist for Enterprise.

    Is this an installer bug (as I reported it), or is there a legal reason that Enterprise customers are not allowed to develop for Android (but Community users are)?

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    AFAIK, no, there's no such limitation. The online installer should give you access to the Android build of Qt the same way as you would from the Community edition.

    What platform are you on ?
    Which version of the installer do you have ?

  • @SGaist Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04 (two different systems) show this problem with both the latest (3.0.0) Qt online installer and the Maintenance Tool. See the bug report in my link for a screenshot. I'll test my Enterprise login on Windows 7x64 now.

    Edit: No option for Android using my Enterprise account with the Qt Unified Online Installer for Windows, either. Maybe all the Enterprise accounts for my company are misconfigured? (Two other coworkers experience the same problem.)


  • Follow up from on my bug report shows that this is apparently 'working as intended', because our enterprise account was intentionally configured to only deploy to embedded Linux. When logged into I see:

    Deployment Platforms: Embedded Linux
    Development Platforms: Embedded Linux, macOS, Windows, X11

    Now contacting support to get this licensing fixed.

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