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Total confused about Qt certificate system.

  • Is there anyone know how the Qt certificate system work?
    Currently the official website shows that there are three types of certificate 1. 010-003 Officially Certified Qt and QML Developer
    2. 021-002 Officially Certified Qt C++ Specialist 3. 023-001 Officially Certified Qt Quick Specialist.
    but there are six exams in the Person VUE system:
    010-002 Qt Essentials
    010-003 Qt and QML Essentials
    021-001 Widget UI with Qt
    021-002 Widget UI and Application Engine with Qt
    022-001 Core C++ for Qt developers
    023-001 Qt Quick UI

    I am totally confused about this certificate system . If I pass 010-002 and 022-001 what can I get? Officaially Certified Qt C++ specialist or nothing?

  • We updated the certification program about one year ago and decided to offer both the old and new exams available during the transition period.

    The required exams for the current certificates are defined in exam curriculums in Quote from the curriculum: "To achieve the Qt and QML Developer status, an exam candidate is required to pass the Qt and QML Essentials exam. The Qt C++ or Qt Quick Specialist status is granted to candidates, who additionally pass either or both Widget UI and Application Engine and Qt Quick UI exams."

    Old exams are not mentioned in the official web site and they DO NOT qualify to certificates, listed in the web site. Passing 010-002 will get you the old Certified Qt Developer but not the new Certified Qt and Qt Quick Developer certificate, as the old exam contains no QML-related questions. Similarly, 022-001 and 021-002 are totally different content wise. Passing the former will get you the Certified C++ Specialist (pure C++ exam) and the latter Certified Qt C++ Specialist certificate (Qt C++ API exam).

  • @Tino Thanks a lot for your reply, then I understand why there are more exams in the Person VUE website.
    I passed the 010-002 in 2009 and am thinking about getting the next Qt certificate. According to your reply , I think there are two paths to follow during this transition period.
    First one is joining the 022-001, to the get the pure C++ specialist .
    second one is joining the 010-003 and 021-002 to get the Qt C++ specialist.
    Is the curriculum of 022-001( still valid?
    If I made any misunderstanding, could you kindly please point out? Thanks.
    I think lots of Qt certificate holders have the same questions as me. Can we add some explanations about this old/new certificate system and this transition period in our developer website or wiki? that will be very helpful.


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