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Xcode couldn't find a provisioning profile matching 'com.yourcompany.clocks'.

  • So I tried compiling the clocks example from the latest Qt 5.9.1.
    I can run it on my mac, android and the ios simulator. But I can't build it for ios devices. Qt creator says "Xcode couldn't find a provisioning profile matching 'com.yourcompany.clocks'." But I selected my personal team profile in the project settings. Can somebody help me?
    I'm using Qt 5.9.1, QtCreator 4.3.1 and Xcode 8.3.3

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    Take a look at QTBUG-38782, especially the last comments.

  • I had a very similar problem building Qt for iOS these days. You want to set QMAKE_PROVISIONING_PROFILE="yourHexId". Grep the qmake sources, for "com.yourcompany" if in doubt ;)

  • Where do I get my provisioning profile?
    I do not yet have a "real" developer account. I am simply registered with apple. I can upload programs to my iPads but they get deactivated after a week. But it's not working with QtCreator. What can I do?

    Ok sorry, I didn't see this in the linked bug:

    free teams: Since you cannot manage provisioning profiles online for free teams, you have to run your application in Xcode once, so Xcode creates one. Xcode creates application specific provisioning profiles in this case, so you have to do this for each application individually. There doesn't seem to be anything Qt or Qt Creator could do to improve that situation.

    How do I run my appliction in XCode?

  • I have also a apple developer id..
    but you must pay 99€ to become code-signing a code to insert in to plist .. after you can push -f your app in to store...
    This is what I discovered 2 mount a go.. :-)

    If i build a app for mac to my friend .. its comming message this app is from internet not secure and other slang... white code sign is all aceptdet ...

    here is described..

  • That's what I realized a few minutes ago.
    But then I read the quote I mentioned above. I just don't know how to "run my application in Xcode".

  • Your application is not run by Xcode .. its compilede from a console app inside Xcode... if you open xcode in this time you can drink 2-3 coffe..
    inside bundle Xcode is a console compiler name "xcodebuild" you need only this...
    appname .xcodeproj file... all from console.. terminal

    cd dir:
    xcodebuild -project QtAndSwift.xcodeproj -configuration "Release"

    a sample:

  • Ah, ok. I found the xcodeproj file in the build folder. Thanks, it's working now!

  • @Global-Moderators
    Qt creator uses, entirely, Xcode to build applications and run them, I manage to build/Run apps from Xcode. once you have your xcodeproj , there is no difference running from xcode ... It should be same, Qt is a library after all .. I beleive there should be a way to export it in Xcode .. if one is familiar with Xcode .. it might be considered more interesting as you can build with Obj-C or Swift ...!!?

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    @Mohammad-Kanan Hi, calling out moderators like that is unwelcome so please don't do it again. As for the use of Xcode, its support has always been there and is already documented here and there.

  • @SGaist
    Just know it was not intentionally done! I deleted what comes by default ... don't know how moderators was added! stay at peace.

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