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Project ERROR: This example requires Qt to be configured with -opengl desktop

  • As you can see the compiler is giving me this error:

    Project ERROR: This example requires Qt to be configured with -opengl desktop

    I'm using Qt 5.9.1 and using cross compile according to this info

    when trying to run openGl example named "Boxes"

    other example run ok without openGl..
    what did I miss?
    I've followed all the steps from that page and everything was fine - at least this is what I do believe.. maybe I've missed a library? or something else?

    Thanking you

  • Ive just found that the error was generated inside the .pro file

    qtConfig(opengles.|angle|dynamicgl): error("This example requires Qt to be configured with -opengl desktop")

    what is this doing there???

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    Like the error message states, this is an example that requires a full featured OpenGL stack to run.

  • @SGaist
    Ok, and How can I do that on Raspberry Pi - my program is running in fullscreen mode. According to this tutorial from Qt
    link where is stated that:

    Note that this is not intended for running desktop-style, windowed Qt apps under X11, but rather for the real embedded/device creation use case where the Qt app runs fullscreen on top of dispmanx/EGL using the Broadcom drivers.

    So how can I correct that error? do I have to recompile Qt? there are other modules to add? to install some libraries?
    Kindle advise
    many thanks

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    Do what on the Raspberry Pi ?

    The Boxes example requires a desktop OpenGL setup that is not available on the Pi which provides only support for OpenGL ES.

    Can you explain what you are trying to achieve ?

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