Why Qt does not get touch event after re-plug the touch device?

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    I have a problem about touch device's hot-plug.
    I set the environment variable as below.
    export QT_QPA_EVDEV_TOUCHSCREEN_PARAMETERS=/dev/input/ts_uinput:rotate=0

    The "/dev/input/ts_uinput" is created by ts library's application "ts_uinput".
    The touch function can work normally before I re-plug the USB touch device.
    If I re-plug the USB touch device, the touch function doesn't work.
    The "/dev/input/ts_uinput" still is created after I re-plug the USB touch device.
    I also monitor the data in "/dev/input/ts_uinput" and it also has data report.
    Why the Qt does not get the touch event after re-plug the USB touch device?

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    Are you sure about that creation ?

    From an educated guess: when you unplug the touch device, the device file is not closed since it's opened by your application thus re-pluging it doesn't affect that device.

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