Qt5.8 QML WebView on iOS never fires signals

  • Hey,
    As part of an app I'm building for work, I'm using the QML WebView. Currently compiling with Qt 5.8.

    Every time the URL is changed in the WebView I monitor it and react accordingly. On Android, MacOS and Windows everything works fine. But on iOS, onLoadingChanged and onUrlChanged are never fired at all, even though the pages are clearly changing. I've called QtWebView::initialize() in my main function, so that shouldn't be the cause.

    Is this a known bug? And if so, is there a workaround for it?

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    @eLim To check whether it is a known bug you should check https://bugreports.qt.io/secure/Dashboard.jspa
    How do you connect to the signals? Can you show relevant code?

  • @jsulm We determined that the issue was javascript-related. The page was using javascript to perform the redirect, and iOS didn't like that.

    Thanks for the help, though!

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