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Error adding Qt Android Version with QT VS Tool

  • Hi,

    i want to make a Qt Android Application in Visual Studio Community 2015.
    I'm trying to add Qt Android Versions (Qt V5.5.1: android_x86) with the QT VS Tool but I always receive an error.

    the following error occurred:
    This Qt version uses an unsupported makefile generator (used: UNIX, supported: MSVC.NET, MSBUILD)

    Any ideas?

  • @jweber

    Hi and welcome to devnet forum

    I am not sure if this is possible at all. It is quite a long time back when I used MSVC. However, I am having no good feelings when I read your post.

    I had started recently compiling for Android. Since a couple of years I am using Qt creator and MinGW compiler. The Android compiling process is GCC-based as MinGW is. That is taking some ambiguities out. Therefore my recommendation you may save time and conserve some hair, when you are going directly to Qt creator when starting Qt for Android.

    The error message you are presenting is probably because of the mix MSVC and GCC-make, which might errornously recognized as linux version. I might be wrong there, but this looks fishy.

    In case you decide to follow my advice, also go directly to Qt 5.9.0 (at least). There seem to be recent change also on the Android side, which was not really helpful in getting started. I had struggled quite a bit when trying to follow the different advices and tutorials. "gradle" seems to have replaced "ant" already on Android. At the end I had decided to go directly to newest Qt5.9.0 at that time instead of fiddling around with the previous stuff. That went much easier.