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Is it possible to control 2 arduinos from different QT gui windows on the same computer?

  • Hi, I am trying to control gpio pins from 2 different arduinos on the same computer. For that i have made two separate guis on QT. One is connected to COM 3 and the other is connected to COM 4.
    Now I want to make the two GUis run together. I run one GUI and it works fine, when I run the second GUI , I get the error "Cannot retrieve debugging output."
    I checked on the internet and it says that this happens if one has 2 qt windows running.
    Is there some way to control 2 different arduinos from the same computer using QT gui?

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    Why not make one application to talk with both Arduino boards ?

  • As far as I understand, you can use as many Qt GUI Windows to do whatever you like, but - based on what Internet says - you cannot have multiple instances of Qt Creator for running and debugging those. That is a very different thing. Of course, in "production" you are not supposed to execute your programs from Qt Creator...

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  • @SGaist thanks for the idea, I made two QSerialPort and both the arduinos work on the same QT window :-)

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