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Qt Contract Work - Framework Plug-in

  • Contract work needed to develop a Qt framework-level plug-in. Send a brief proposal, including a project outline, and a dollar amount to threeninetwentyseven///

    The project must be completed by the end of September 2011. Developers must be fluent in English.

    Our development team is not familiar with Qt, and cannot say for certain whether the solution is feasible. Any input is appreciated.


    Our application must integrate with an existing Qt application running on the Windows platform. The goal is to capture the data displayed in the GUI front-end of the target application.

    Data from the target application must be XML-formatted in a predictable and consistent manner (general schema guidelines will be provided). Data from the container window (including titles) and all controls, visible and hidden, must be included. For drop-down lists, only the selected item should be returned. For tables, data should be returned in a hierarchical manner, with the selected row/column/field indicated by an attribute. Data in protected/password fields should not be included.

    The solution must respond to a request for data from an external application using any Windows-standard communication or synchronization method (event, mutex, pipe, COM, Window message, etc). A simple protocol for discouraging unauthorized requests is recommended (like a key exchange).

    The solution must be able to account for multiple running instances of the target application, and multiple top-level windows.

    The solution must comply with Qt framework standards and be compatible with Qt4 forward. It must be simple and safe to distribute, install, update, and uninstall. Unstable or brittle hacks will not be accepted.

  • Great but i think there are less chances of getting the service of person.

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