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Provide offline installer for Raspberry Pi 3

  • Hi,

    Can someone provide QT installer for Raspberry Pi 3. It takes lot of time to cross-build or to compile source code on QT.
    Raspberry Pi3 is now a popular hardware. I hope QT can provide this offline installer.

    I have tried using basic -default version available by sudo apt-get install but Bluetooth does not work.

    Avtansh Sharma

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @Avtansh-Sharma This is wrong place to ask such questions: people here are not Qt developers (most of them). And I really doubt that there will be an official Qt installer for RaspberryPi. Qt project is already overloaded with creating and testing releases for major platforms, they for sure do not have resources to support minor platforms like RaspberryPi. Qt project does not even provide 32bit Linux binaries any-more. Actually Raspbian could provide a more recent Qt version.

  • @jsulm ok I will raise my query on Raspbian forum.

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