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Qt creator complete build from windows

  • Hi guyz,

    I'm new in Qt development.. can anyone answer my few query below

    1. availability of complete source code of Qt creator? (Like Wxwidget has Code blocks)
    2. Does Qt is freely available for commercial use? (if paid then what will be the approx. cost)
    3. Can anyone suggest best tutorial available on youtube?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    1. Yes, just like the Qt code. See
    2. Qt is available under two or three license depending on the modules: Commercial, LGPL and GPL. Which one you is suitable to your needs depends on your project. As for the costs of commercial license the answer is: it depends.
    3. AFAIK, VoidRealms provides a pretty extensive set of videos.

    You should visit, you'll have more details there.

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