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Mobile development and third library

  • Hi guys !
    I have to develop mobile application for iOS and Android. I'm pretty new to mobile dev and I'm looking for technologies to use. I think Qt (with QtQuick) is a good tech with the cross platform and my business written in C++. For a client I have to develop this app which use my business in C++ and their libraries. For Android they have a Java interface (I think I can use this .jar library and integrate it to my business C++/Qt) but for the iOS app they use CocoaPod, and I don't know what is it and if it's compatible with C++/Qt and how link it to my project.
    I don't stop my choice in Qt (for this dev) but I'll prefer use it, is it easy to integrate Java interface (.jar library ) in my business C++/Qt and use CocoaPods ?
    I think you could have the answers to my interogations :)
    Best regards,

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    For Android, yes you can have use Java libraries and access them from Qt. See for example the Notification Example from the QtAndroidExtras module.

    Cocoapods is a package manager for project dependencies. You can use Objective-C++ to use Objective-C based libraries in C++ projects. However I don't know how well it mixes with Qt project management.

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