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Failed Text Rendering Upon Switching to EGLFS

  • A project I'm working on recently changed from Wayland to EGLFS to integrate camera hardware into our platform. A problem we're running into is that for some reason upon switching to EGLFS all our QLabels no longer render text. The labels are still visible in the GUI, but no longer draw their text to the display. Are there any known issues which may be the cause of this?

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    @corruptedsyntax If you start your app in a console - do you see any errors or warnings?

  • @jsulm
    Our application is launched as part of a system service on startup. I redirected the output and it all looks normal. I think we're resolved the issue though. It appears some qml environment variables were being set before launch when we had recently changed to qwidgets. Upon changing to EGLFS these vestigial variables prevented EGLFS from rendering text correctly for some reason.

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