iOS not available from Qt on Mac

  • Hi -

    I installed Qt 5.8 for MacOS intending to make iOS apps. But, there seems to be no support for iOS devices:

    Some of the symptoms:
    1 - In the New Project dialog, the Application templates list goes blank when I select iOS Devices in the
    Templates combo box in the upper right.
    2 - If I attempt to make a Kit for an iOS device (or for the Simulator), the warning "Device type not
    supported for Qt Version" appears when I hover over the kit name.

    Note that I can open and run a Qt Quick project I created on a PC and moved to my Mac; it runs fine. But Qt doesn't seem to know about my Xcode (previously installed), or I have a wrong version of Qt on my Mac, or something...

    Any hints are appreciated, thanks!

  • Did you follow the instructions?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Which version of macOS and Xcode are you using ?

    How did you install Qt in the first place ? With the offline or online installer ?

  • Hi!

    I downloaded then ran qt-opensource-mac-x64-clang-5.8.0.dmg on Version 10.12.4 of Sierra - Xcode is 8.3.2 -

    Installs without a hitch - but then in the New Project dialog, there are no iOS Application templates available, only Desktop templates -

    Interestingly, in the Kits dialog, my phone is recognized...

    Thanks for any thoughts on the matter,

    ~ Mike Amadeo

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    What do you mean by iOS Application templates ?

    Most of Qt's application templates applies to several platforms including mobiles.

  • @SGaist Load Qt Creator.
    Press the + New Project button.
    The New Project dialog box opens.
    In the Projects pane on the left, select Application.
    If ‘All Templates’ or ‘Desktop Templates’ is selected in the combo box on the upper right, several Qt Quick templates are listed in the middle pane.
    But, if ‘iOS Simulator Templates’ or ‘iOS Device Templates’ is selected in that combo box, the middle pane has nothing listed.

    And, if I try to make a kit using Preferences/Build & Run/Kits dialog, if either iOS Simulator or iOS Device is selected for the ‘Device Type:’ field, the kit cannot be created: no combination of compiler etc gets rid of the warning or stop sign next to the kit name above (in the Manual listing). So the kit is never offered as a working available choice in the lower left Kit selection on the main screen.

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    What version of Xcode and Qt Creator do you have installed ?

  • @SGaist
    Xcode is 8.3.2 - Qt Creator is 4.2.1, Based on Qt 5.8.0 (Clang 7.0 (Apple), 64 bit) (according to the About Qt Creator dialog box)

  • I have it running on OSX without issues... and am developing iOS apps.

    The version I installed is the iOS & Android 'aware' version:

    It looks like you installed the OSX-only version.

  • @SamGrant Awesome, thank you Sam! - This was exactly the issue - I was using the 5.8 installer for Mac, no iOS in it - Much gratitude, ~ Mike

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    I'd give the online installer a chance then. You'll be able to install all the versions of Qt you want/need and upgrade them more easily.

  • @MikeAmadeo you have to install Xcode and bind the apple developer account

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