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implemenation of qtzeroconf into client/server project for Android

  • I have a project consisting of a client and a server application where the server publishes its services to the client and the client recognizes all server devices and resolves the addresses. This zeroconf implementation is done using Bonjour classes like here.

    I run this project on Centos 7 using the Avahi compatibility layer and want to deploy the client application to a Android mobile phone.

    I have found two ways on how to implement zeroconf for Android in qt.

    qzeroconf: johannes hilden
    qzeroconf: jbagg

    As I understand it, the files from johannes hilden are used to replace my bonjour class implementation and jbagg provides a wrapper where the Bonjour implementation can stay.

    Which approach will work better for me? I tend to the wrapper as to my understanding this would mean less modifications in my project. Yet, I do not know how to implement this wrapper. The guide and the example provided are too confusing for me.

    I am grateful for any help, tutorial or sample client-server project with qtzeroconf.

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    For the first repo, you'd need to integrate the files in your project to use them.

    For the second one, build and install the library and then use it like you would any other library.

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