Wifi connection on Raspberry pi

  • Hi guys,
    I'm making a code I need to connect my raspbeeey pi on wifi with QT. I'm using QNetworkConfigurationManager Class trying to scan for wifi signals but it's not working.
    the QNetworkConfigurationManager::allConfigurations() shows only two results: both are ethernet bearerType.
    one of them has the name eth0 and the other wlan0.
    QNetworkConfigurationManager::allConfigurations() should give me all possible connecions but isn't what is happening.
    Can someone help me ?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    wlan0 is your WiFi network device so technically you have all the interfaces of your device.

  • Thanks, but the bearer type of wlan0 is Ethernet. Shouldn't be BearerWLAN?
    How can I peform a wifi scan ?

    Qt Creator 3.2.1 based on 5.3.2.
    Using jessie lite with Pixel GUI

  • I need more information because I am using same version. SSH connection (Remote connection) working ? Initial setup completed ?

  • SSH working, initial setup completed. I'm actually using VNC to use QT Creator installed on Raspberry.
    I've solved this problem using Qprocess and executing terminal commmands. Now I just need to know how to connect to a wifi signal.

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    @GilbertoAGJ Not sure what you mean with "wifi signal", but can't you use http://doc.qt.io/qt-5.8/qnetworkconfigurationmanager.html#onlineStateChanged signal to get a notification if online status of your device changes?

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