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QtWebview 5.7 on Raspberry Pi 3

  • All,
    I have a Qt5.7 app being developed for Raspberry Pi 3. There is a need to display HTML help files to the user. When I run the app built for Ubuntu16, I include QtWebView and all works well. However, when I try to build for RPi. the include of QtWebView fails to compile.

    #SLY TODO: Fix webview for RPI
    QT += core quick serialport quickcontrols2 sql webview

    int main(int argc, char *argv[])
    //remove previous log files
    QGuiApplication app(argc, argv);
    //SLY TODO FIX for RPI:

    import QtWebView 1.1

    The error is invalid module. Qt was build from 5.7 everywhere source and should have contained all modules. If I try to compile just the qtwebkit-opensource-src-5.7.0 I get errors such as The WebKit build was disabled for the following reasons:
    * ICU is required.
    * Missing gperf from PATH
    * Missing bison from PATH
    * Missing flex from PATH

    I understand this module is not the preferred solution BUT can anyone help me get it to work on RPi so that I don't have to move to 5.8 just now??
    Many Thanks!

    PS My intent is to use the network module as well. Will I have similar problem?

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    @sly110 Well, do what it tells you you should do:

    • Install Lib ICU
    • Install gperf
    • Install bison
    • Install flex

  • I will pursue ambershark's comment about a clean environment.
    Just an addendum. I was able to make Qt5.8 by skipping QtSerialBus BUT in the make install portion I had errors re: information does not exist and may others. I believe my sysroot is incomplete.
    Thanks all

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