Adding a MSVC compiler to a kit (Qt Creator 4.2 on Win10)

  • Hello, I'm a new user of Qt Creator. All the topics I found online these past days didn't cover what seems to be a simple operation: adding a MSVC compiler to a MSVC Qt kit. I must use Qt WebEngine, so my current MinGW kit won't cut it. I have VS 2015 and the corresponding Qt kit ready but don't know which file to add to the kit.

    There's no option to add a MSVC compiler in Options>Build & Run>Compilers, so I guess I must use the Projects panel as well. If anyone know which file to link to, I'd be grateful.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Qt Creator should auto detect the compiler for you. However what usually happens is that people install Visual Studio without checking the C++ option during installation thus they have a VS environment but nothing to build C++ code.

    You should first check that.

    Note that you also need to install the debugger separately. The one coming with VS is "internal" and cannot be used by other applications.

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