How to write custom screen driver using Qt 5.8 without using framebuffer?

  • In my previous project we used Qt 4.8 , and we used QScreenDriverPlugin for custom screen driver implementation without using frame buffer.
    Currently we move to Qt 5.8 and as in this version QScreenDriverPlugin has been removed.
    So, could you please tell me how could i write my custom screen driver using Qt 5.8 without using frame buffer?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    You're likely looking for the Qt Platform Abstraction documentation.

    Hope it helps

  • @SGaist : Thanks

  • For Development of QPA plugin using Qt 5.8 following basic classed are needed:

    1. QPlatformIntegartionPlugin:
      * Entry point for the plugin
      * Factory Class
      *QPlatformIntegration creates it by calling the createPlatformWindow method. It doesn’t care
      for the contents of the window.
    2. QPlatformScreen:
      This class represents your visual/physical displays ( i.e. monitors ).
      3)QPlatformWindow :
      *This class provides an abstraction used by QWindow for all it’s top-level windows.
      • Interface to the windowing system
      • It's about the window, not about the surface or content
    3. QPlatformBackingStore :
      • A handler for painting and flushing
      • It's about the surface or content, not the window(inner portion of the window)
    4. QPixmapData:
      • Stores pixmap data.
    5. QPlatformFontDatabase:
      • Interface to your platform fontdatabase.
      • Create and returns QFontEngine.

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