Struggling with qlineargradient to style your app? No more! (userscript for the "Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator")

  • Hello,

    Perhaps an odd one to post in the "Showcase" forum, but I wrote a userscript (javascript that you 'install' locally) for Firefox(+Greasemonkey)/Chrome/Opera and hopefully even Safari*. The script adds limited support for qlineargradients to the "[url=]Ultimate CSS Gradient Editor[/url]".
    Very useful if you want to create a linear gradient in a WYSIWYG fashion or just want to convert an image to a gradient (the site let's you upload an image to be converted to a gradient). It does come with some limitations, -it only supports hex-based colors, as that's what I needed myself and I read something about Qt not supporting rgba so I figured that would be an useless option.-
    v1.1 is now out and handles RGB/RGBA as well.
    v1.2 is now out, small bugfix so rgba values that have no comma don't cause issues (e.g. rgba(32,32,32,1).

    If anyone wants support for the other color options (or other features) feel free to ask and I'll see what I can do.

    *Cannot test Safari support, don't have a Mac and the Windows version of Safari doesn't support userscripts

    I noticed I forgot something rather essential.. a link to the script itself, so here :)

  • That's very cool! Nice work!

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