GUI for logic game

  • Hi;
    I have just written algorithm C++ that can play gomoku (its a logic game similar to tic tac toe).
    I would like to run game on android phone.
    What missing to complete is GUI.
    I have running setup with QT 5.8 and working real/emulator phone.


    1. Intro screen where user can choose the game level (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
    2. Game is just a board where user put its move and algorithm put the response.
    3. No animation, no 3D view, no special effects.


    1. No experience with QT android development.
      2.The type of project Application.
      a. Should I use Qt Widgets Application or Qt Quick Application
    • I am asking because most(all I saw) examples which use Qt Quick Application use only QML
      b. Should I avoid QML in the game or is an interaction/mixing C++ and QML possible?
      -for menu is what I need but not for the rest.
    1. Besides the qt examples what is your recommendation to start?

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    1. Qt Quick, especially since it's a game.
    2. QML + C++ is the recommended way
      Look at Integrating QML and C++
    3. The QML Book

  • Hi, as SGaist said I would also recommend to use QML for your GUI.

    If you are new to QML and game GUIs you might want to take a look at V-Play Engine for games and apps.
    V-Play offers many QML components for creating games that e.g. provide the same experience across different devices with different screen sizes (see here for more information).
    In addition you can also use V-Play to integrate leaderboards and achievements, add multiplayer features or use services like ads, in-app purchases or push notifications for your game.

    V-Play comes with many open-source game examples you can use as reference and also provides some good tutorials to quickly learn the basic concepts.
    For example there's a tutorial on how to create games with multiple scenes like intro, menu, actual game, ...


  • Thanks guys.
    That is what I was looking for. I'm delving into it.

  • @ginar44 I also want to implement a GUI for the Gomoku game. Did you delve into V-Play or just QML with C++?

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