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Qt4 LPC1788 UCLinux Performance

  • Hello, first of all, excuse my bad English. It's my first post. I am developing an application in qt4 embedded for an LPC 1788 which contains a Cortex M3 and has a UCLinux OS. What would be the best way to improve the performance of the application so that it is faster.

    I am using the following compilation set.

    The transition between the stackedWidget pages is very slow (3 seconds) as well as loading information into the tableWidget (2 seconds).

    I am using design patterns to create software architecture (such as Facade, Factory, Singleton, etc.). Which advise me to be able to get a better performance.


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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Looks like the device is no powerhouse at all so you have to take that into account.

    Then, how complicated are your widgets ?
    How are you creating them ?
    How many do you have ?
    How much data are you loading respectively showing ?

  • Q.- Then, how complicated are your widgets ?
    A.- I generate a qstackedwidget with about 10 views which only have QPushButton, QLabels and QLineEdit except for a view that has a QTableWidget and an LCDnumber.

    Q.- How are you creating them ?
    A.- I create the widget through QtCreator Designer

    Q.- How many do you have ?
    A.- In one of the views where the transition between one view and another of the QStackedWidget takes 3 QLineEdit, 1 QTableWidget, 9 Labels and an LCDNumber. As previously mentioned the QStackedWidget contains 10 views.

    Q.- How much data are you loading respectively showing ?
    A.- In the QTableWidget I am only loading a table with 6 columns and 5 rows

    All the graphing part of the administration from the MainWindow class inheriting from QMainWindow

    I forgot to add my compilation set in the initial question
    ./configure -embedded arm-uclinuxeabi -confirm-license -prefix-install -opensource -static
    -release -no-exceptions -no-accessibility -no-qt3support -no-gif -qt-zlib
    -no-libtiff -qt-libpng -no-libmng -no-libjpeg -no-openssl -no-nis -no-cups
    -no-iconv -no-dbus -no-avx -no-neon -no-xmlpatterns -no-multimedia
    -no-phonon -no-phonon-backend -no-audio-backend -no-javascript-jit
    -no-webkit -no-freetype -no-opengl -qt-gfx-linuxfb
    -no-kbd-linuxinput -no-kbd-tty -no-glib -no-script -no-scripttools -no-declarative
    -nomake examples -nomake demos -nomake docs
    -feature-TEXTHTMLPARSER -no-feature-TEXTODFWRITER -no-feature-CONCURRENT
    -no-feature-DRAGANDDROP -no-feature-SESSIONMANAGER -no-feature-CURSOR
    -no-feature-CLIPBOARD -no-feature-WHEELEVENT -no-feature-SOUND
    -no-feature-EFFECTS -no-feature-SHAREDMEMORY -no-feature-SYSTEMSEMAPHORE
    -no-feature-IM -no-feature-QUUID_STRING -no-feature-PROCESS
    -no-feature-LIBRARY -no-feature-FILESYSTEMMODEL
    -no-feature-FILESYSTEMWATCHER -no-feature-TEXTBROWSER
    -no-feature-WORKSPACE -no-feature-MDIAREA -no-feature-SYNTAXHIGHLIGHTER
    -no-feature-SIZEGRIP -no-feature-PRINTPREVIEWWIDGET -no-feature-PRINTDIALOG
    -no-feature-MOVIE -no-feature-IMAGEFORMAT_PPM -no-feature-IMAGEFORMAT_XBM
    -no-feature-IMAGEFORMAT_XPM -feature-IMAGEFORMAT_PNG
    -no-feature-IMAGE_TEXT -no-feature-PICTURE -no-feature-PRINTER
    -no-feature-CUPS -no-feature-TEXTCODECPLUGIN -no-feature-URLINFO
    -no-feature-HOSTINFO -no-feature-FTP -no-feature-HTTP -no-feature-UDPSOCKET
    -no-feature-NETWORKPROXY -no-feature-SOCKS5 -no-feature-COP
    -no-feature-BEARERMANAGEMENT -no-feature-COMPLETER -no-feature-FSCOMPLETER
    -no-feature-DESKTOPSERVICES -no-feature-SYSTEMTRAYICON
    -no-feature-UNDOCOMMAND -no-feature-UNDOSTACK -no-feature-UNDOGROUP
    -no-feature-UNDOVIEW -no-feature-ACCESSIBILITY -no-feature-ANIMATION
    -no-feature-GESTURES -no-feature-QWS_SOUNDSERVER
    -no-feature-QWS_MULTIPROCESS -no-feature-QWS_MANAGER -no-feature-QWS_MOUSE
    -no-feature-QWS_PROPERTIES -no-feature-QWS_VNC -no-feature-DBUS

    and my setting

    CONFIG += debug
    OBJECTS_DIR = .obj
    MOC_DIR = .moc
    RCC_DIR = .rcc
    RESOURCES += qt.qrc
    BUILDNO = $$(command_to_get_the_build_number)
    QT_GRAPHICSSYSTEM = 'native'


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