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ios performance issue compare to Android

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm having a serious performance issue with a very simple app. (few screens with some lists)
    The app is running very well on any android device, but on ios I'm experiencing lagging when scrolling lists and delay when clicking anything.

    I'm I missing something ?

    Thank you for you help.


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    You are missing some details:
    What version of Qt are you using ?
    What version of iOS are you running ?
    What version of Android are you running ?
    What devices are you comparing ?
    What is your application doing ?

  • Yes sorry,

    I'm using Qt5.7 on iOS 10.2 (but same issue on 8.1.3) and Android 6.
    Tested on iPhone7, iPad Mini, and Galaxy S7.

    The application is just consuming some web services (xml) and displays few ListViews.

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    Since 5.8 just got released, can you test with that version ?

  • FYI, I had a similar issue with my app being sluggish in iOS.. turns out it was a debug/release issue. The Debug version of my app runs notably slower on iOS than the Release version.

    I would suggest trying that if you have not.

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