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Automotive Instrument Cluster

  • Season's Greetings to everyone

    I've just got introduced to Qt, yesterday actually. And the possibilities are endless if I can say so.
    As a fast learner I'm already starting to find my way around the basics knowledges to be able to
    build my first embedded prototype . An automotive Instrument cluster for my Mercedes Benz W124 CE 230

    But please keep in mind I'm a Newb so please bare patience with me :), all would need is a guide line.
    With all those tiny computer boards out there e.g Raspberry, Udoo etc... I work on Mac but what choice of the
    interface Os should be the most effective.

    Now I have swapped my Mercedes Benz W124 AT injection system to full EFI, so much more readings from the engin are available.
    So appart from the lcd screen, what do I really need
    a general IO converter board with digital and Analog inputs
    on of those tiny computers running Android Linux or Windows

    I'm kind of familiar with photoshop so was guessing that I could use some png's for the frame by exemple.

    P.S.: I am French so please excuse my English.

    I will be updating this thread continually so you can see The evolution of the project.

    Thank you in advance.....

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome
    Sounds like a cool project for a cool car :)

    Have you any experience in cross compiling for ARM ?
    I am asking this as that can also be a factor in which board to get.
    The UDOO X86 ( soon coming) will run
    Windows 10, 8.1, 7
    Any Linux Distribution for X86 platform
    but cost more than a PI board.

    If cross compiling is no issue then Pi3 seems super nice.

  • Thank you for interacting.
    No cross compiling experience as yet, still learning.
    So you mean I will need board running Linux.
    Then what platform would be less of a trouble?

    I have already found my lcd and I'm currently drawing some frames on photoshop

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Well i did not mean to discourage you from cross compiling but was more for
    a note on which board to choose.

    I would definitely go with a well known ARM board as you can
    then google most issues :) The Pi 3 and Raspbian seems like a good bet.

  • @mrjj Ok

    Fine then, I know it's not gonna be an easy road. But I'll take the challenge.
    Thank you for helping...

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Well being able to run Qt on an ARM board will be a good skill :)
    It is worth the time.
    Maybe its easier on MacOS. I never tried XCode so no clue:)

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    To add to @mrjj, I'd recommend a virtual machine with Linux installed. That should make your life easier for cross-compilation and development.

  • Hi,

    Your project seems to be cool, however, one question appear: how do you want to read CAN signals? You want to use any of ebay/aliexpress USB devices and connect to OBD diagnostics connector? I really don't know if without any knowledge of all CAN signals in your car you will be able to read any information. However, for android phones i saw "Torque" application which is able to do it. ...


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