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Will the use of OpenCL with Qt for mobile devices benefit the performance somehow?

  • Many modern mobile devices have a performant GPU.
    Is it possible to use OpenCL in order to involve GPU into computation?

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    @Kofr You mean for your own code? Sure, why not (if the platform provides OpenCL)? But whether your app will benefit or not depends on what it is doing. Does it do any heavy calculations? If it is waiting for user input most of the time then there is no need for OpenCL.

  • @jsulm it is realtime video processing

  • As far as OpenCL is concerned, definitely. OpenGL can be very cumbersome in places for doing image processing. Using OpenCL, you may even resort to using libraries such as OpenCV, as long as you can compile it against your target platform.

    I have used Qt in conjunction with OpenCL before and it is very developer friendly. I mostly use it for scientific visualization using OpenCL-GL interop and Qt provides all the low-level hooks required to get things working in a cross-platform manner, although my target platforms are Windows and Linux, so I don't have mobile OS experience, but I have heard Qt excels in that domain as well.

    Infact, I had a thread regarding this issue here, and I did manage to find an elegant solution, but there is just one piece of the puzzle still missing which I want to attend before posting the final code. (That is multi-threaded compute/render whenever possible.)

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