Custom QPlatformInputContextPlugin not loaded on Wayland

  • I have a custom plugin derived from QPlatformInputContextPlugin(virtual keyboard).
    On both Linux (Ubuntu 14.04) and my Embedded device (Wayland platform) I can build and deploy it. The plugin gets installed into MyQtInstall/plugins/platforminputcontexts/.
    I set env. variable QT_DEBUG_PLUGINS=1 to see debug output.

    On Linux the plugin is loaded as expected.

    On my embedded device the plugin is not loaded. There is no message about the plugin.
    If I move the plugin to another plugin-folder (e.g. MyQtInstall/plugins/platforms/) within the debug output I see that the plugin is found (but does not get loaded).

    The QPA platform is wayland. Qt version is 5.3.1. Can you tell me if this is expected? Any chance I could make this work? What is necessary to load a plugin from plugins/platforminputcontexts/ on Wayland?

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    I haven't used wayland yet but did you try setting the QT_IM_MODULE environment variable ?

    Hope it helps

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