Input Device resetting

  • Currently, I use the touch panel as an input device and start the application on Qt / Embedded.

    Since the target device tends to be affected by noise and the touch panel may become ineffective, the current situation is to create a touch panel kernel object (ts.ko), reset and reload it. Furthermore, restarting the running application is done.

    Here, how do I reset / reload ts.ko and then reconnect the input device by processing on the application without restarting the application?

    A little examination reveals that Qt's input device is defined in QWS_MOUSE_PROTO, and if you used QWSServer :: resumeMouse (), suspendMouse () it was possible to disable → reactivate it, so use it I tried but it was useless.
    I also tried closeMouse () and openMouse () of the QWSServer class, but it did not work.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Are you connecting directly to your touch screen device or are you using /dev/input/mice which should return all mouses in a system. Thus it might be an alternative when you reload your touchscreen module.

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