Learning Qt & QML : What path to follow?

  • Hi,
    I have just started learning Qt Quick. I have no prior experience of Qt framework.
    I checked some of the developer day videos and found them a bit overwhelming and a bit of a stretch.
    Can someone suggest the correct path to follow while learning Qt Quick. I assume that Qt framework knowledge is prerequisite?
    Also are there any good tutorials/books(no presentations please) on Qt & Qt Quick?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi eminemence,
    Notice that, from language's point of view, QML(You need understand Qt Quick not only includes QML) and Qt C++ is different, but both of them are powerful. And for UI parts, QML is more convenient to use. If you have C++ experience, i think it's easy for you to learn Qt also.
    And you asked if it's necessary to learn Qt C++ first, i think it's depend on what kind of application you want to make. So the first thing is, just forget the Qt C++, have a look at the QML language and it's usage, and find out the answer yourself.
    As far as we know, there is already a lot of QML plugin can use, even for Qt Mobility and Qt3D(Qt Quick3D for QML). Hope you can enjoy the Qt world, and sharing your experience later :D

  • I am interested in making an application with a good interface(I know it sounds silly) and at the same time involves a bit of data storage for user settings and lists etc.
    Any recommendations for tutorials. I found the Qt developer videos to be a bit heavy on the Qt C++ part.

  • [quote author="eminemence" date="1310007686"]I am interested in making an application with a good interface(I know it sounds silly).[/quote]

    It doesn't sounds silly eminemence.

    It's recommend to know Model/View architecture in Qt when you want to show a lot of data. And if you can describe your idea/app a little bit detailed, i think it's more usefull for people who want to give you advice :-)


  • Just found this : http://developer.qt.nokia.com/doc/qt-4.7/gettingstartedqt.html - Non buggy version :)
    I think I will start with getting some hold of the Qt framework and then probably jump into QML.

  • There is also this very basic step-by-step Qt "tutorial":http://developer.qt.nokia.com/wiki/Basic_Qt_Programming_Tutorial. There also a number of QML articles in the wiki.

    Good luck and feel free to come back with specific questions.

  • Learning Qt, C++, JavaScript, QML in one step is too much. Concentrate on Qt/C++ or QML/JavaScript. QML/JavaScript is what you need for iPhone like animated UIs. Qt/C++ is what you need for desktop apps but can also be used for phone UIs to a certain degree.

  • For the data storage etc. eventually I will need Qt\C++. So currently am concentrating on just Qt\C++.

  • Hey the Qt Quick tutorial modules seem to be incomplete.
    Anyone has the link to the complete tutorial with all the modules?

  • You can find docs in your SDK. It's complete tutorial :D

  • [quote author="Chuck Gao" date="1310994413"]You can find docs in your SDK. It's complete tutorial :D[/quote]

    Hey where are they in the docs in the SDK. I did not find them atleast!!!!

  • Search keyword "Qt Quick", you can find:

    Getting Started
    QML Features
    QML Add-Ons
    Qt Quick Tools
    Best Practices
    License Information

    It's helpful :-)

  • This is the online resource for Qt Quick :

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