GUI Run-time Verification and GUI Intervention

  • An aspect-oriented framework for runtime verification in GUIs

    This is an open and adaptable framework (that is, it is agnostic to the verification language and the windowing system) that describes a Verification Layer located between the GUI and the business logic. This layer can be integrated seamless in a software project.

    See the video "here":

    This layer can detect, in run-time, changes in the GUI due to the user interaction or the logic operation. Each change triggers a verification step, in which some rules related to the interacted GUI element are checked against the current execution of the application.
    The requirements are represented by verification rules written using interpreted languages, and they may change in run-time without the need of recompiling the project. These rules are included in separate files.
    The verification logic is transparent for the developers: they only have to write the rules!!

    Finally, the verification process is extended by using GUI Intervention techniques, which enhances the user experience. It allows to perform a rich and interactive verification experience since, for example, it uses colors to highlight errors, the unfulfilled rules could be shown in an error, etc.

    This project will be availabe ,as an open-source contribution, in a few weeks "here": For further information about this project and other open-source projects of the Cátedra SAES Team you can visit the "web":

    Enjoy it!!

  • Hi all!!

    A beta version of the framework has been released as an open-source contribution to the community.

    It can be downloaded from here:

    It is included in tar.gz packages, and also .DEB and .RPM versions.

    Enjoy it!! Cheers!!

  • I can not find the source code.

    Can you please give a link to the source code?

  • Hi!!
    you can follow the link above in Reply #1 and find the following packages:

    • LuaVerification-1.0-Linux.tar.gz 89.8 KB 2010-09-23 2 ::: Framework adaptation for the Lua script language

    • ChaiVerification-1.0-Linux.tar.gz 88.9 KB 2010-09-23 1 ::: Framework adaptation for the Chaiscript script language

    • CSU_VVL-1.0-Linux.tar.gz 1.3 MB 2010-09-23 0 ::: Verification Framework source code

    • CSU_Qt-1.0-Linux.tar.gz 299.5 KB 2010-09-23 0 ::: Base library including Qt functionality

    • CSU_Base-1.2-Linux.tar.gz ::: Base library including basic functionality

    If you need help, do not hesitate in write another post.


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