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Qt Creator: Manual kit not selectable

  • Hello. I've been happily using a manual kit for non-qt projects for many weeks, but now it is unselectable. The only thing I've done since the last time I used it was configure CMake and Android. The settings screen for the kit doesn't show any errors. I tried adding a new kit and that doesn't work either. What happened and how can I make it work again? Thanks.

    Qt version: Qt 5.7.0 MinGW 32bit
    Qt Creator version: 4.1.0
    Android kit: Android for x86 (GCC 4.9, Qt 5.7.0)
    Manual kit: MSYS2/Mingw64
    OS: Windows 8.1

    alt text
    alt text

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    @Tom_H For some reason QtCreator thinks that Kit isn't usable for project zz1. Does zz1 require Qt? Is there anything special about zz1?

  • @jsulm It's a Plain C++ Application that doesn't need Qt. Also, I can no longer open existing non-qt projects that used that kit.

  • @Tom_H Mystery solved. I discovered that I could use the manual kit if I chose cmake as the build tool. But if I chose qmake, the manual kit was not available. My fatal mistake was after I configured cmake, I edited the manual kit settings to add the cmake tool, but then I set "Qt version" to None to get rid of the warning telling me I couldn't build Qt projects with that compiler. All good now.

    alt text

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