How send value in QImage to image source QML

  • Hi, thank you gave that answer
    I want my picture taken from the database and set its value to QImage have send to Qml image(source:myimg), and displays it on.
    I do not want to save the image. But I want to get it directly from C ++, and I send it to Qml

            QVariant currentImage = eQuery.value(5).toByteArray();
            QByteArray bytes = currentImage.toByteArray();
            QImage image;
            qDebug() << (image.width());

    In the above code in a line of five width of the image, printed
    So this means that the above code works pretty well .
    And now my question is how much Qimage to return the Qml (image{source:...}). thanks

  • If I understand you correctly, a QQuickImageProvider might be what you are looking for.

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    @MrErfan Did you not check you earlier deleted post ? It had a few answers.

    @MrErfan To add to @neda's answer you can convert the image to base64 and set this as value to Image's source property.
    Something like:

    imageObj->setProperty("source", "