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Run a method after switching to stackedWidget widget with setCurrentIndex()

  • Hello,
    project i'm working on consists of stacked widget and several widget form classes.
    I add "pages" in my stacked widget form class by creating objects of those form classes and adding them as widgets in stacked widget.
    .cpp constructor:
    homePage = new Page_home;
    operatorPage = new Page_operator;

    #include "page_home.h"
    #include "page_operator.h"
    in class:
    Page_home *homePage;
    Page_operator *operatorPage;

    switching between pages is done by subclassing QWidget class and connecting signal to slot with i.e. setCurrentIndex(2); method

    On homePage i'm reading data from SQLite DB and displaying it.
    On operatorPage i'm modifying DB data and switching back to homePage.

    Now the question is how do i automatically rerun my SQLite DB reading method after i switch to operatorPage(switching done with setCurrentIndex(2);)

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    @Eligijus You can override in your page widgets

  • Thanks just what i needed!

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