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Creating .XAP or .APPX

  • Hi

    I have a project that builds and runs on Windows Desktop and Phone. I can also deploy it to the phone when it is connected.

    However, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to create the package (.xap or the new .appx) for the Store. Every time I build with whatever kit, it always creates a .exe file.

    I tried converting the project to a visual studio project. Once I opened the project in VC, another issue came up. It didn't detect the project as a Store project so it wouldn't give me the "Build/Store" menu that is used to create the final package.

    What do I do? I have to say that I cannot understand anything that goes on in the documentation. It is almost exclusively command-line stuff. Most of it has no build up (i.e. go here, then here, because xyz); instead it is just "enter this command". Nonetheless there is nothing about the final xap or appx package creation.

    I have a similar issue with Android where it builds successfully but then says error in building with no explanation. But first, I would really like to understand how to do this packaging business. Sorry if I sound horrible but this is months of fruitless searching, reading and trying things that don't work.

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    AFAIK, you have to use Qt for WINRT if you want to publish your application on the Windows Store.

  • Hi SGaist, thanks for the reply.

    Indeed as I mentioned in my original post, I can compile and run on any Windows device as I compiled for WinRT. However, this only directly installs on the device and leaves no .xap or .appx package file (which is Windows' equivalent of the Android .apk as you know). This means that I cannot send over the file to someone or even take it myself to install the app at a later time. The only time there is a standalone executable is when I compile for desktop. However, my project is a user study for mobile devices so I need the application packaged so that I can pass it along to testers for testing.

    Also, I tried to open in Visual Studio after running qmake and while it opens up in VS, it doesn't treat it as a Store project. How do I do that? Until and unless VS realises it's an app for the Store, it won't let me use the Project -> Store menu which would produce the .xap or .appx package file I'm after.

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    Did you check the WinRT platform notes in Qt's documentation ?

  • Of course.

    The most I got was the Store menu to appear but it was entirely greyed out.

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