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Platform plugins for embedded linux devices - EGLFS

  • Hi all, does any one understands from the document:

    Abstract from Qt for embedded Linux - Qt5.7:

    ... If necessary, eglfs can be configured using the following environment variables:
    QT_QPA_EGLFS_FB - Overrides the framebuffer device. The default is /dev/fb0. On most embedded platforms this is not very relevant because the framebuffer is used only for querying settings like the display dimensions. On certain devices however, this parameter provides the ability to specify the display to be used in multiple display setups, similarly to the fb parameter in LinuxFB. ...

    Where do I set this environment variable if I need it? is it something like typing in host PC terminal like this:
    ./configure -QT_QPA_EGLFS_FB -<other parameters etc ... ... > ?

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    @embdev No, not like this. Those are environment variables. They are set in the shell (on Linux usually Bash).
    You can simply set them in the terminal before calling configure:

    ./configure ...

    You can see all currently set variables and their values calling env in the terminal.
    Take a look at

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