tableView on apache server

  • I was wondering if there is anyway I can present the tableView which I have created
    using QT on a apache server. Can anyone give me some pointers to direct me in
    a right direction?


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    Do you mean surf your application GUI like a website ?

  • @SGaist

    I mean... when someone enters my web address and come to my website, I would like to have the tableView
    displayed and allow them to press the pushbutton to sort the column, select the the row to see the detail info, and
    update the row...., etc,. I do have the tableView which has all the above mentioned capabilities and the apache server
    set up for anyone to visit my web server.

    I have yet to figure that out so I am in the process of building the table using HTML but I rather display the one
    I have built using stylesheet in QT. I thought hard on this and didn't think there is a way to do that but I am resorting to
    asking someone here at QT Forum hoping that I was wrong to think that.

    Thanx in advance.

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    Currently it's not possible but it looks like the future is pointing in that direction with Microsoft, Apple, Google and Mozilla teaming up to support WebAssembly.
    Lars Knoll talked about this at QtCon (video here:

  • @VRonin

    Thanx for the info, VRonin.

    In the mean time, i guess I will try to accomplish what I intended to do with html table and cgi

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    Update: As always, I was wrong
    It is actually already available I just did not know it. You can compile C++ code into asm.js (a compiled subset of JavaScript) and make it run on any current browser.

    You can find here a few examples running C++/Qt inside a browser. The apps run at around half the speed of a normal C++ compiled binary

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    @VRonin, I wouldn't say you were wrong, these are different possibilities to achieve the same end result.

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    @SGaist said in tableView on apache server:

    @VRonin, I wouldn't say you were wrong

    @VRonin said in tableView on apache server:

    Currently it's not possible

    Yes I was :)

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    I was thinking about providing a "Qt only" solution :)

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    @peterlin82 from that link:

    We use emscripten to cross compile Qt5 into javascript and/or webassembly.

    So it's the same basic principle as asm.js, the performance hit is significant.

    On the other hand, the WebGL solution ( planned for Qt 5.10 looks a lot more promising

  • i think both webgl streaming & Web Assembly (WASM) are needed.

    With both you really want anything that is QML / QT Quick to be supported and not support Qt Widgets and the old stuff, but i guess thats for the QT team to decide as its they that know their user usage matrix.

    WebGL streaming is great for the quick and dirty where latency is not a killer.

    • Its also perfect where you really want to protetc your code and want zero setup time for users. Its just connect (pull base lib) and get streaming.
    • But on the server you will not be able to scale out to 100,00 users because each user is an app running on the server

    WASM is needed where you want the full options like

    • server can be a restful server in the traditional sense in any language
    • client has offline support and needs low latency

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    Just a couple of notes:

    @joe-blue said in tableView on apache server:

    But on the server you will not be able to scale out to 100,00 users because each user is an app running on the server

    True but it's not the whole app run for every user but a lightweight web server

    WASM is needed where you want the full options

    Agree but since WASM is still not a thing yet we have to make do for now

  • I hope QT team do not give up Qt Widgets(Web Assembly).

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