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Android 7 issues with Qt 5.6.x

  • Hi all,

    I noticed yesterday that when building an app with Qt 5.6.x, push buttons and line edits don't render properly on Android 7. With buttons, the text and/or icons seem to render how I would expect, but the button background is always small and only on the left side. With line edits, they appear to always be the smallest size allowed, even if you change the settings to maximum, or expanding.

    Does anyone have a workaround for this? Or is there a patch I can add to Qt 5.6.x to make it work the same as older Android versions? I can't upgrade to Qt 5.7.x yet because my app still needs to run on API levels 15 and up. (IIRC, 5.7 only works on 16 and up. So close!)


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    Do you mean that this is working properly with 5.7 but not 5.6 ?

  • Hi,

    No. I have not tried on 5.7. When I saw it wouldn't allow me to meet my requirements, I moved back to 5.6.x.


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    I understand your issue with deploying your application with 5.7. However, it would be useful if you can test your application built with 5.7 and even 5.8 Beta against Android 7 to determine whether your problem has been fixed in between.

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