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QNetworkConfigurationManager::capabilities() returning empty QFlags

  • I have two environments (DEV and PROD). Both are linux running Connman as network manager. In my DEV environment the signal QNetworkConfigurationManager::configurationAdded is working properly when I plug/unplug ethernet cable. On the other hand, in PROD env, with computer with the same hw specifications, this signal is not emitted. My question in this topic is: which it is based Qt, in particular QtNetwork, to emit this signal? What their depenedencies? I am assuming that I have any missing dependencies in PROD env by wich this is not working properly.

    Checking QNetworkConfigurationManager::capabilities, the result in DEV environment is QFlags(0x1|0x10|0x20|0x40) while in PROD env is QFlags() (empty). So this can be a problem with QtNetwork backend in PROD env.

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    Did you deploy the bearer plugins ?

  • @SGaist Sorry, I'm newbie in Qt Framework, how can I do that? what's libraries are involved in this?

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    Before diving deep in the Qt specific deployment stuff, how are you currently deploying/running your application to your prod machine ?

  • @SGaist All Qt libraries that I think are needed are in the same directory than my app executable or in SO path (/usr/lib64). Doing ldd against app binary, all libraries are found. What's libraries are needed to use QtBearer plugin? I think that your point about Qt Bearer plugin deploy is right but I don't know how to proceed with it.

    Thanks in advance.

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    You have to deploy the bearer plugin folder.

    Are you mixing your system Qt installation with the one you used to build your application ?

  • @SGaist just have deployed plugins folder into the same directory than binary with same result. I think I'm not mixing anything, all libraries installed in system are in /lib64 and deployed with app are in same dir. Need to do anything more in addition to copy plugins folder to binary dir?

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    What I find strange is that you are deploying things in several places.

    Take a look at this excellent article about deployment.

    There's also the deployment guide.

  • @SGaist I found the issue and you 're in the right way. Debuggin with QLibraryInfo::location(QLibraryInfo::PluginsPath) I've noticed that the path in this trace is not correct, in fact is the path where the machine wich build binary, have plugins directory, so I need to change this. Thanks a lot for your help and for this articles.

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    What did you change ?

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