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Push notifications in Qt Quick mobile apps?

  • Hi -- I was wondering if there's any way for a Qt Quick application to make push notifications to the user?
    Like when the GMail app notifies you of new messages, for instance.
    The use-case would be that the app's user would have made a sale on our site, and we would want their phone to ping (or whatever) and notify them that they have made the sale.
    A quick google around suggests that maybe this functionality isn't available in Qt Quick for mobile, which would be gutting if that's the case, as this would be one of the major features of the app we're hoping to develop.

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    There's currently no ready-made solution available for iOS however that doesn't mean it's impossible. You might be interested by the V-Play library which provides additional plugins for Qt and has some things for push notification.

    Hope it helps

  • I've pinged them a question about it, and hopefully they'll have something to offer.
    Thanks very much for the suggestion!
    Do we know why this sort of functionality isn't in Qt Quick? Is it really complex?
    I would've thought it might be a really commonly requested feature. It's certainly pretty much the primary requirement of the app we want to develop.
    Anyway, thanks again!

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    You're welcome !

    It's not a complexity problem per se, it's rather a resource problem. There are only so much developers working on Qt either professionally or from the community so priorities must be set.

  • Please vote for
    QTBUG-44804 [iOS] [Android] Add an API to Qt for sending push notifications

    We've implemented Google Cloud Messaging for Android, but not for Windows and iOS yet in our Qt app. A Qt lib for all this would be great.

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