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Embedded Qt Mouse Pointer Not Showing Up

  • I've got a bit of an interesting problem here. There are plenty of threads I've found where people are working to hide or get rid of a cursor on an embedded Qt GUI...but I'm trying to get a cursor to show up on an embedded Qt GUI.

    I inherited a project that was 'finished' some time ago, and the person who did the most work on the project has moved on. Fast forward to today and there is a need to add a cursor to this functional touchscreen GUI. The system OS is Yocto Linux, and it is running a Qt 5.4 application on a framebuffer.

    I've scoured the Qt code and there is nothing there that would hide a cursor. I've added in the appropriate QT_QPA_FB_HIDECURSOR=0 environment variable to my Qt startup script. I've experimented with adding a QCursor obejct to the GUI. Unfortunately none of these things are working. Using the QCusor I am sometimes able to get a cursor up on the screen, but isn't tied to the touch input (the cursor shows up at the position I programatically move it to, but it stays there when I interact with the GUI).

    My touch input events are tied into Qt (via QT_QPA_GENERIC_PLUGINS=evdevtouch and QT_QPA_EVDEV_TOUCHSCREEN_PARAMETERS=/dev/input/event9:rotate=180), but for some reason that touch input cannot be tied to a cursor.

    At this point I've spent a few days messing around with environment variables and startup script modifications, but nothing I've done has got the result I'm looking for.

    Does anybody out there have some ideas on where to look for solutions to this problem?

    Thanks! Ian