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Missing almost all Generic Linux Templates from latest Qt Creator and unable to change to ARM toolchain kit in project settings

  • I've just spend a sleepless night to build and configure Qt 5.7 on the Raspberry Pi 2 (without Qt Creator) which runs Raspbian Jessie. I ran the tests, ran the examples - all went well (the configuration and building itself were definitely not due to lack of or incorrect information in the wiki articles on this topic). In addition to that I have the Qt 5.7 SDK on my notebook (64bit Debian Jessie). I have even installed the QtCharts and QtDataVisualization modules to see how they work and play around a little bit. The only thing I have not installed are the two Android modules since I don't plan to do any Android development in the foreseeable future.

    After I came back from work I decide to create a simple Qt Quick 2 Controls application and deploy it remotely. I already have two Raspberry Pi kits (each bound to the same generic Linux device that represents my Pi) with a different ARM toolchain. IP adress, port, public key etc. - pressing "Test" doesn't result in any error, SFTP works, SSH sessions are a breeze.

    Unable to change project's kit to a Generic Linux Device kit or even add such a kit

    I've just recently decided to give the whole QML thing a go since I also need it for my work. I have a default Qt Quick 2 Controls project (the one with the SwipeView and buttons). So I thought why not change the kit to one of my Raspberry Pi kits and then set it up to deploy to my Pi. For my surprise it is impossible to change the kit to a generic Linux device kit. I don't know why...It's even impossible to add a new generic Linux device kit to the existing project. Both Raspberry Pi kits are greyed out (although the Kit management section in the settings of Qt Creator doesn't report any problems and all the settings seem to be valid).

    After this big disappointment and looking around for approx. 2 hours I decided to just create a new project. I fired up the Create New Project and selected Generic Linux Device Templates. All is empty except for Plain C Project, Plain C++ Project and Code Snippet. Huh?!?!? Nothing in the Application and Library sections of the wizard...

    Okay, so I guess I'll go with the plain C/C++ projects...Nope, that's not gonna happen. For some reason the creation wizard doesn't include any of my Generic Linux Device kits. It's all Desktop (for my architecture) builds.

    I usually have the QNX plugin disabled since I also have no intention to develop anything for this platform yet I enabled it just to see if things will change - nope, nothing again. Installed Android ARMv7 module - still nothing.

    So as you might have guessed the question here is what happened to the support for such devices? I definitely remember that a couple of months ago I did a remote deployment using cmake (and the new project creation wizard), I also had all the Raspberry Pi kits at my disposal. I don't remember however whether it was using the Qt 5.4 SDK or an earlier version.


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    Do you mean that this is happening when you changed to Qt Creator 4.0.3 ?

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