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Works on Ubuntu15.10 X86_64bit Desktop, doesnt work on Arm Android 6.0.1

  • Hello,

    I have a small client application that connects to a a server using websockets.
    Both client and server are running c++ code developed using Qt Creator 4.0.3 Qt 5.6.1.
    The surprising thing is that I can properly connect to the server (localhost, X86 64-bit) if both client and server are on the same machine.

    When I deploy the same client application to an Android Arm device, It can connect to the server running on the X86-64bit server. However the server no longer recognizes the messages coming from the Android Device (Arm Snapdragon 810, Arm v-7a).

    When building for Arm, My Qt Creator Kit is set to, cross compile using the Android SDK, Platform-24.
    Am I missing something here ? I did not get any error during build for Android form Qt.

    The websocket connection seems to happen OK, but messages that are exchanged afterwards don't seem to have come through properly, if the client is an Android device.
    Are there any byte ordering issues between Android-Arm and X86 that I am not aware about ?
    Could my version of Qt be broken somehow ?

    Any help or insight into this is highly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    @pgmQt What do you mean by "server no longer recognizes the messages"?
    Does the server get the messages but cannot interpret them, or are there no messages on the server side?
    If the server gets the messages you can just check their content to see whether messages are valid or not.

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